Ronnie has completed his BA Hons Degree with first class honours in music practice at ACM in Guildford, studying under tutors such as Toby Drummond (Wicked, Lion KIng, Chicago), Brian Henry (Soul to Soul, Brand New Heavies, Incognito), Darren Beckett and Danny Mulloney (Universal Records). Focusing mainly on developing technique and discipline as a drummer.

Whilst at ACM Ronnie has been involved in a number of projects such as; an Alternative Rock originals band called ‘Elmside’ and is also currently drumming for a Hip Hop artist. Ronnie has gained experience in songwriting, production and performance whilst working with these groups.

Ronnie is an accomplished drummer and is confident in playing a wide selection of musical genres. He currently plays for a function band and an originals band. From Rock, Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz and even church based worship music Ronnie has gained valuable experience in playing with other musicians.

Ronnie has experience with Ableton live to run tracks and trigger samples through his Roland SPD-SX which is becoming essential for contemporary live performances. He also owns his own drum kit and transport.

I’m so impressed with how Ronnie has improved over the last few years. He’s become a solid and dependable drummer with a great feeling and groove which is everything I need as a bass player. He always spends time learning parts and has a passion for playing things perfectly.

Andy Cooke, Bass Player/MD (Soul Survivor, Wildfires festival)